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51 Oni

This week we get into this weird beast. This incredible Hulk, Mr. Hyde wannabe from the folk lore of Japan! We talk about Oni though the editions and how this is more akin to a creature that existed in all the other editions known as an Oni Mage. James also takes us through the incredibly rich (and confusing) origin of Oni in Japanese folklore - that he no doubt absolutely butchers. Join us this week for the D&D 5e Oni from the Monster Manual!

Reading List

Japanese Demon Lore – Noriko T. Reider

Inch High Samurai – Myths & Legends Podcast

Take your Lumps – Myths & Legends Podacst

Samurai Legends 1 & 2 – Myths and Legends Podcast

Rakshasa – Encounter This! Episode 12


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