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Freeman Iceton

With a background in amateur theatre, a constant subconscious need to speak to himself aloud (whether at home or walking down the street), and a homegrown love for taking what he dishes out, Freeman has brought his version the Eastern Canadian culture with him to the West, and to the Uncharted North Network.


James Kidd

James is a professional bookkeeper and chef who’s always fancied himself a writer. In his free time, he DM’s a homebrew D&D 5e game, paints miniatures and hikes long trails (ideally going days without a cellular signal).


Scott Barber

Scott is bringing a background in creative-writing and character creation to our table. A lover of movies, books and videogames, he taps into various influences to bring new and exciting characters to life.


Duncan Forbes

Duncan is a dashing, cool, and  all-around fun guy who also writes his own copy. When he isn’t playing TTRPGs or working as a biomedical technician, he enjoys  bad movies, good synthesizers, and long walks on the drizzly beaches of foggy East Coast Canada.

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