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Want to learn about the podcasts produced by Uncharted North? Look no further! Below you'll find all of our projects; past, present and upcoming.

Stemming the Tide

Uncharted North presents Stemming the Tide, our dive into Paizo Inc.'s megadungeon Adventure Path, Abomination Vaults. Join GM Freeman Iceton as he leads James Kidd, Scott Barber and Duncan Forbes into the mysterious ruins of the Gauntlight Keep.

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Encounter This!

Uncharted North presents Encounter This! is a show that aims to educate, entertain and inspire the tabletop gamer in everyone. 

Join James and Freeman talking about specific creatures, getting deep into the history, gaming and lore, as well as some interesting homebrew ideas, listeners stories and lots more!

Local Legends

Uncharted North presents Local Legends, our playthrough of Paizo Inc.'s Troubles in Otari Standalone Adventure. This was our test run of recording remotely and will be released in the future as an unlockable Patreon Goal!

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