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31 Gnollvember Part 1 - Lore

Ladies, Gentlemen and Creatures of all ilk!

Welcome to Gnollvember!

All month long we’ll be celebrating all things Gnoll in another episode a week suite brought to you by one of our gracious and beautiful Patreons! (link below)

It’s going to be a savage week as we dig into the mythos, simple origins and the mindset of the ferocious Gnoll and how their society works. We’ll tell you how to build a war band and how each of the creatures works in their own right and as always, we’re going to finish by cracking into a sweet, delicious can of home brew.

We cannot wait! So let’s get this gd party started!

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Strange Fellows Brewing, a Vancouver based brewery who’s Blackmail Stout might be single handily responsible for the formation of our show


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