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25 Illithids Part 1 - Psionic Scions

Our second Patreon subscriber request turned into a big one!

The request? Mind Flayers!

The result? A Patreon-exclusive episode about space and solar systems, and a 4-part dive into the famous Dungeons & Dragons proprietary creature and its twisted relatives.

Encounter This! Presents Illthids!

Reading List (All Amazon links are affiliate links)

The Illithiad - Bruce R. Cordell/TSR Inc

Into the Void - Nigel Findley/TSR Inc. Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space - Jeff Grubb/TSR Inc. “Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd”, Dragon Magazine #93 - Frank Mentzer/TSR Inc.


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Strange Fellows Brewing, a Vancouver based brewery who’s Blackmail Stout might be single handily responsible for the formation of our show


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