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24 Cyclopes

Yup, you did read that right. Cyclopes is indeed the plural of cyclops and in this week’s episode you get to hear James bounce all over the damn place with the pronunciation of it.

This week is a fun one with an emphasis on Greek epics (because of course) and some great banter from Freeman and James.

As always listen to them break down the 5e mechanics in a way that is easy to understand and fun to listen too.

It’s not a big homebrew episode but the cultural lessons you’ll get more than makes up for it! We hope you enjoy it!

Reading List (All Amazon links are affiliate links)

Theogony - Hesiod

Odyssey – Homer

Cyclops – Euripides

Aeneid – Virgil

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Strange Fellows Brewing, a Vancouver based brewery who’s Blackmail Stout might be single handily responsible for the formation of our show


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