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23 Homunculi



Bats drowned in cow’s milk?


This week we cover these strangely wondrous things when talking Homunculi! This episode is a banger and full laughs and the shaking of heads (though you’ll have to take our word for it on the latter).

A bit of a longer one as we get onto another tangent (as we're prone to do) but we had an absolute blast recording this one and think you'll find it fantastic as well.

We dig pretty deep into some classic authors and touch on some old favourites.

Reading List (All Amazon links are affiliate links)

De Natura Rerum - Paracelsus

De Homunculis - Paracelsus

The History & Practice of Magic - Jean-Baptiste Pitois

Die Sphinx - Dr. Emil Besetzny

Puesdodoxica Epidemica - Sir Thomas Browne

Religio Medici - Sir Thomas Browne

Faust, Part Two - Johann Wolfgang can Goethe

Book of Stones - Jabir ibn Hayyan

Frankenstien - Mary Shelley

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