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12 Rakshasa

Hey there creatures one and all!

This week on the podcast we’ll be taking a look at Rakshasa’s through the editions of Dungeons and Dragons, but first…

We want to say that we really hope you enjoyed Haguary! We know that they certainly took us down a path that we never would have expected, and we mustn’t forget thank Freeman, as well as the wonderful voice actors Ali and Pascal for their wonderful additions to the episode Intro’s and Outro’s.

In this week’s episode we’re taking our first journey into Hinduism and Indian culture with the Rakshasa.

These fearsome creatures are steeped in lore and deeply ingrained into the history of Hinduism in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata both!

Listen in this week for a brief and incredibly poor description of those epics, as well as James’ laughable Sanskrit pronunciation. We had a blast researching and recording this one and we think you’ll enjoy listening to it just as much, and hopefully, just hopefully you’ll get some inspiration on using a Rakshasa in your game.

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