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109 Hadrinnex


The sound of the impact was enough to frighten the small animals on Nedris Rosegrove’s farm. The chickens began and ducks began to frantically cluck and quack while the sheep and goats headed for the barn near the edge of her field.

The aftershock, or the tremors are what startled Nedris. The ground shook in as if Gorum himself had laid a hand upon Avistan and this scared her.

She took the time to corral her animals into the barn before settling herself into the saddle of her fastest pony, Bitty Bolt, and setting off in the direction of the crash. She needed to find out what had happened and what it meant for her farm and her barnyard friends.

Bitty Bolt took off down the road with all the speed it could muster and before she knew it Nedis Rosegrove was standing at the edge of massive crater, easily two or three times her farm and at the centre of it sat a large ball of what appeared to be metal.

She slowly climbed down the steep sides towards the ball and she noticed the mercurial nature of the outer shell, it could be a trick of the light or perhaps the metal was actually shifting.

With a furrowed brow she slowly approached the object, watching the metal twist and swirl – it wasn’t so much shifting as it was writhing - struggling perhaps.

Nedis rose a hand which quickly morphed into a claw and she poked the husk. Immediately the shimmering metal dispersed and solidified, changing it’s shape to mimic a cube with defined sides and metal seemed to get denser as a reaction to her claw.

She attempted to press it in further and perhaps scrape a sample off for further investigation – perhaps one of the local lore masters or wizards could assist her with that, but the object wouldn’t budge or scrape.

She sighed and took a step back allowing her hand to reform from the claw and the box stayed the same. Dense metal, and cubed as if to reinforce itself from her slash.

She forced her hand into a claw again and tried to puncture the outside of the metal with her claw by driving the sharp nails into it.

The metal again shimmered and began to gave way, almost stretching to accommodate the nails and she could not puncture it.

Stepping away again she let her hand return to normal as it dropped to her side. She shrugged to herself and turned to scramble up the sides of the crater back to Bitty Bolt. Maybe Muriel the Wizard could tell her more.


James: From the Sky

Freeman: Energy Ray

Source: Bestiary 3 p.127

Reading List:

Pathfinder Lore


· Humanoid – stands on two feat

· Has spider like eyes on the front & top of its head

· Has a metal armour like husk, an outer shell

· Glows from between the gaps of the stones

· The glow comes from the creature’s thorax - energy gland

· Collects energy and restructures the creature’s biology to protect from that specific energy

· This organ is fragile and known to fracture after a hadrinnex is killed


· Resemble “defensive systems” more than living creatures

· Evolve at a rapid rate – but only vs what attacks them

· Thought to have been created through advanced tech or magic

· Have a primal intellect – poor problem solving and improvisational ability

· Usually follow smarter aberrations as bodyguards or general minions

· Perform simple tasks diligently

· Adaptive physiology makes them prime for dangerous environments


· Can be found hibernating in remote areas

· Husks shaped into pods and usually found in the center of craters

· This suggests they fell from the sky

· Leaving the hibernation takes 2 months to extrude limbs and restart processes

· This can be jumpstarted with a daily dose of energy to its energy gland


· Didn’t exist

Mythology & Folklore

· Nothing


· None to be had



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