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Episode 01 - Harpies

Hey creatures! We hope you tune in to our very first episodes of Encounter This! We

dropped out first two episodes together to get things rolling! Freeman is covering Harpies in Episode One while James tackles Yetis in Episode Two! Both can be found in the Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual on pages 181 and 305 (respectively) for Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

Starting with creatures with a lower CR as we get our bearings on this new venture, our

explorations discover rich lore, embedded in both real-world mythology and their fictional (re)interpretations.

Discussing the mechanics of each creature, while exploring how they reflect these lores,

it’s a truly interesting dialogue we are convinced is an integral part of any TTRPG.

I mean, would you believe Yetis have their own language?! Or that Harpies connect to

the legendary Jason and his Argonauts?! We sure didn’t!

All of this of course leads us to analyzing where we think these mechanics fail and succeed, and how we as creatives, exercising those creative muscles, would employ their fascinating stories and abilities in our own worlds and games.

We hope you enjoy listening in on some truly nerdy discussion of some truly fascinating


- James & Freeman

P.S. Check out our recommended Reading List below, inspired by the content and our research!

Encounter This! Reading List

Game Resources:

Monsters of Feyland by Cawood Publishing

Monster Manual 5th Edition by Wizards of the Coast

Lore References:


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