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119 Shaukeen


            The door slammed shut as Instructor Vethro and his star pupil Tygon scurry into the Instructors office.

            Breathing heavily the tall human throws his back against the door as if to brace against some unseen foe. The young pupil, Tygon, no older than 12 years old looked at his Instructor with worry and confusion before speaking.

            “Sage Vethro, why are they after you?” the young man asked. Vethro still attempting to catch his breath remembered the lock on his office, fastened it and paced between his desk and the door a few times before collapsing into his desk chair. Starring up at the ceiling he replied vacantly.

            “Ah, Tygon, adults are…complicated. Sometimes when one has their belief shaken, they sense of self is shaken. This sometimes – often, leads to anger. And since I am the one who presented the issue with our local so called demi-god, I am the target of their ire. People need something to believe in you see. It offers hope. And to be presented with a situation like this, what you have discovered that Isgellion did to that young boy, well, it’s more than troubling I should think.” The older man offered in way of an explanation as he sat low in the chair staring up at the ceiling, the posture of a defeated man.

            “Because I learned something bad you’ve become a pariah?” Tygon asked. Vethro blew out a deep breath before speaking.

            “Worse than that I’d imagine. The townsfolk are in a rage. I should think that if I intend to live out the night we need to find another way out of the school before they can catch us.”            “And your office seemed to be the most inconspicuous place?”

            “Well, in a moment of panic it certainly seemed like the right place to come. Comfortable, familiar and I do some of my best thinking in this chair. But I gather your point. This would be the first place any rational being would look. Perhaps it’s time to move –“ and as if on cue the sound of a mass of footfalls echoed up the hall. “Or not. I see they’re coming in numbers. I suspected I’m to be hanged before dawn’s first light.”

            “WHERE ARE YOU HERETIC” called a voice from down the hall. Vethro blew out another breath and slumped further into his chair. Then laughter began to well up in young Tygon. No the sputtering chuckles of one so nervous they’re unsure of what to do so their body begins to laugh. Something deep, and filled with disturbed delight. Vethro sat up and turned to his pupil so see Tygon’s eyes glowing a soft red and he could clearly see the vindictiveness in his expression. An expression that seemed almost inhuman.

            “Tygon,” he quered. “What have you done?” he whispered as the door slammed open in a flurry of splinters. Over a dozen townsfolk brandishing scythes, rope, chains and other improvised weapons swarm Vethro as he continues to call over them. “TYGON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” until with a final wet smack the crowd stills.

            A woman approaches the young pupil with a warm smile and splatters of someone else’s blood still marring her skin. She kneels down and hugs young Tygon.

            “There, there young one. Everything is going to be all right. That heretic has been silenced and you will now receive instruction from me.”

            The young Tygon smiled a mischievous smile and pulled the woman in for another hug.


James: Typhon

Freeman: Hungry Ghost

Source: Bestiary 3 p.22

Reading List:

·         Rig Veda

·         Lotus Sutra

·         Mahabharata

Pathfinder Lore


“Asuras are, above all, proof that the gods are not infallible.”

·         Lawful Fiends

·         physical manifestations of divine accidents

·         Take form when the gods stumble and blaspheme on a “cosmic scale”

·         Love above all to undo the workings of deities

·         If possible they travel to Material Plane

·         Seek out temples, and other holy sites to “destroy what the gods seek to build”


·         Darkvision

·         Immune to curses

·         Weakness to good / holy


·         When slain, return in a lesser form

·         Eager to gain retribution upon their killer

·         Occasionally return in more powerful forms


·         the toughest complete many cycles of reincarnation to become more powerful

·         Becoming demigods

·         Attract worshipers and cultists from mortals


·         Asuras have vast empires in Hell

·         Dominion is tiny comparatively

·         Have agreements with other diabolic locals


·         Shaukeen Creature 1

·         Adhukait Creature 7

·         Japalisura Creature 12

·         Nikaramsa Creature 14



·         Small, goblin-esque

·         Pointy ears, small little baby legs, thick from the pecks up

·         Burning red eyes

·         Evil chin strap

·         Point ass hat


·         Very clever

·         Delight in the descent of those who aid or instruct them

·         Like to hide as students to torture teachers

·         Ask deep questions that specifically lead to heresy, or the collapse of “order and decency”

·         When the world turns on their mentors the Shaukeen bails

·         Watches the downfall from the shadows


·         Did not exist

Mythology and Folklore

No specific Shaukeen so we’ll focus on Asura

·         A class of beings in Indian religions

·         Power-seeking demons

·         Related to Devas (AKA Suras in Hinduism)

·         Given the name by Devas to indicate that they are NOT sura

·         Can translate to titan, demigod, or antigod


·         Constant fear of Devas

·         Described as powerful superman demigods

·         Considered enemies of the gods

·         Malevolent ones known as Danavas let by Vritra [v-rrr-IT-rah]


·         AKA Ahi (Vedas)

·         Personification of drought

·         Name means cover or obstacle in reference to ability to hold back the waters

·         In the Rig Veda kept the all the water captive until killed by Indra (god of weather)

·         Related to Typhon of Greek lore and Jormungandr of Norse mythology


·         Supernatural being – antigods, non-god titans, demigods, etc

·         Creatures who live in the lower levels of mount Sumeru or Mount Meru

·         Obsessed with the pleasure of living

·         Engaging with jealous and waring against the Devas (gods)

·         From the desire realm – Asura have their own domain along with; Deva, Humans, Animals, Hungry Ghost and Hell

·         According to the Lotus Sutra – the four leaders of the asura took refuge in Buddha after hearing his sermon

Pop Culture

·         Shaukeen (1982) and Indian movie: “Three friends, in their 60s, try to do everything that they couldn’t do in their younger days – before death arrives.”


·         The Asura are about the same in both mythologies

·         Sure we’ll get more direct comparison when we tackle the other Asura



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