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Encounter This! Channel Update

Oct. 31st 2022

A warm summer night in August of 2019 Freeman and I met up at a local watering hole and over a few pints of Guinness I pitched him an idea for a podcast. The show I pitched was almost exactly what we put out today with some minor tweaks to format and concept along the way.

Less than two weeks later we were huddled in my apartment over a single cheap, Neewer microphone I got from amazon for like $50 Canadian sheckles and we recorded our first ever episode – Harpies.

We would go on to record that episode two more times and let me tell you, I’ve never met someone who is so quick to go all in on an idea they believe in. So Freeman and I bought our own mics the AT2020 and then recorded Harpies for a third time and mid show Freeman made a joke about how I invented the show drunk on blackmail (which is a true story) and that was the final piece to the puzzle that was Encounter This! We finally had a product that we believed in.

At 1:00am pacific on October 31st 2019 Freeman and I dropped out first ever episode of Encounter This! I was so excited and proud to launch this show. We had created something that would theoretically live forever and not only that I thought, and still think, it’s a good and entertaining show.

Today listeners, a short three years later, we’ve released over 90 episodes, a series of suites, and have attracted amazing and wonderful community. Thank you all. If it weren’t for you all, well let’s be honest we’d still be doing this show, but it’s interacting with you and hearing your stories that drive us to push forward and try to be better with every suite and every episode.

It’s because of that passion and drive that today we’re announcing that come January 1st, 2023, Encounter This! Will be joining the Uncharted North podcast network as its first ever D&D 5e show.

To some of you this won’t come as much of a surprise, to the rest of you, Freeman and I started the Uncharted North network with our friends Duncan and Scott on November 1st, 2021, to launch an actual play Pathfinder 2e podcast of their adventure path the Abomination Vaults.

Over there, we’ve seen immediate success and the plan was always to build it into a network and recently we have decided to fold in Encounter This!

What this means for the show going forward isn’t much. There will be some Patreon updates – new goals, new tiers but most importantly you’ll see the name change to Uncharted North.

Secondly, we’ll be shutting down the ET specific discord and mergering that over with the Uncharted North Fan Hub – there is no timeline on this, but we’ll make sure to give you plenty of warning over there.

Thirdly the shows format is going to change. Currently we’re unsure of how to do that, but with our passion for 2e growing it’s time for the show to evolve a little. We will still be covering 5e as I still absolutely adore running the system, but we’ll be adding in some new segments, and since we’re pretty keen on keeping this show around one hour that means we might lose some as well.

We still haven’t decided what the new format of the show looks like and we won’t be doing a full re-brand until the new year, but we want you to know that whatever we decided, it’ll still have the same bones as the show you and we know and love. It’ll also still be coming to you from the same channels so our socials, home on the web, patreon and podcast feed will not be changing.

That’s it for this update creatures! We hope you’re as excited as we are, and we look forward to having you join us for our next episode!


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