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99 Aboleths


“What? Of course it looks evil. Looks like something straight out of the nine, that’s for sure, but I’m telling you it’s an absolute treat. It knew, I’m telling you, it blood knew exactly what I was looking for. After that last sweep of sickness running through here there is nothing I needed more than a bit of coin just to get us through. Y’know Mary’s got the cough something bad these days and those darn alchemists cost ten times what a local witch would do, but you know Mary, s’got to be an alchemist. Real medicine she says, not just roots and twigs she says. I hears her, she’s right you know. Once dose of that potion we got up in Triboar did her right. Up and about in two days she was. Singing and dancing like she were a girl again. Too bad it din’t last.

It’s that thing that’s to be thanked. It knew I needed the coin and the coin was there to be had. More than enough for the med’cine, enough more for another bakers of hens and feed for a week.

The thing of it is, all I’ve got to do is bring another friend to meet it and all the coin is mine. It’s promised me that you’ll be taking care of as well, what ever your wants maybe. Lives just out of town in the river caves down by Flint Rock. I reckon it just wants a mate or two, must be lonely that. Looking that awful, but it really is friendly.”

“So what’dya think? Can I take you down to meet my new friend Quoosk?”


James: Eldar Evil Freeman: The Eldest

Book: mm13

D&D Lore


· A race of malevolent eel-like aberrations with potent psionic abilities

o 6.1m / 20’ long – industrial shipping container

§ Known to reach up to 12m / 40’ in length (school bus)

o 2,900 kg / 6,500 # - Ford F-250

· Continue to grow throughout their lives

· Look like eels with long tubular bodies and a tail

· Two fins near the head for steering and one along the back

· Usually sea-green tops

· Orangey-pink underbellies

· Three eyes on a triangle shaped head with a “beak like” nose

· Tendrils and a few shorter tentacles dangle from the body

· Blood is green and thick that oozes from wounds like sap

· And four slime secreting orifices can be found on the bottom of their bodies

o Breath though a thick gray mucus that covers their bodies

o If it cannot secrete it will suffocate

· Hermaphroditic, breed in private, laying 1-3 eggs every five or so years

o Egg gestates for 5 years

o Hatches into full aboleth

o Though fully functional, ten to stay with their parents for ~10 years


· Spends most of its life underwater

o Surfacing to treat with visitors or worshipers

· Been around longer than the gods

· Lurking in primordial oceans

· Reached out with their minds to seize control of the newly formed life

o To make them slaves

o Dominate them like gods

· Then the true gods appeared smashing the aboleth empire and freeing their slaves

· “Aboleths have never forgotten”

· Dream of overthrowing the pantheon and regaining control of the world

o Have had “untold eons” to plot and prepare for perfect execution

· DEATH – its spirit returns to the plane of Water

o New body generates over days or months

· Does not die of old age and will live indefinitely

o Excluding violence, accidents, or disease


· Created by Piscaethces [piss-kay-thee-sis]

o AKA Blood Queen

· An Elder Evil whose lair is beyond the known dimensions

· Looks like a vast tentacle-less aboleth w/ mucus colour of blood

· Aboleths believe she traveled the currents of probability spreading her seed

· Not worshiped, but honoured by huge domed windows of red crystal in Aboleth architecture

o Understood their creation was an accident & that she feels nothing for them

o This led them to feel free

· Created as the by-product of an accidental interaction of her body with the material world


· Flawless memories

· Pass on knowledge and experience to the next generation

o This is how their defeat by the gods remains perfectly preserved

· Minds are veritable encyclopedias of ancient lore and prehistory

· Long memories allow then to plan spanning eons

o Allowing few creatures to full conceive the extent of an Aboleth’s plan

· When they consume another creature, they absorb their memories as well

· Use their telepathy to read the minds of creatures

o Sus out their deepest desires

o Manipulate them for loyalty and obedience


· Live under water – and mostly in the Underdark

o Emigrated from the Far Realm

· Inside it’s lair its power is stronger

· Can override the sense of its thralls granting them the illusion of promised rewards

· Society itself was alien due to the racial memories and bizarre psyches

· Some for clusters known as “broods”

o Led by “overseers”

o Accompanied by servitors or minions – kuo-toa

· Cities are bizarre and almost unfathomable

o Glimmersea of the Underdark was a notable aboleth settlement

· Since they’re “un-dying” no feat of death

· No concept of an afterlife as death is failure and they fully intend to live forever


· Power psions like mindflayers and other Far Realm natives

· Mucus secreted only effects air-breathing creatures if they’re caught in it

o Allows victim to breath in water

o Change the consciousness to that of a mindless servant

o However only the most powerful of aboleths can accomplish this through a powerful ritual

· Some of the most dangers beings in the multiverse

Fun Facts

· Boorm – meaning flow, to refer to a period of time


· an aboleth of massive size and malignancy

· supreme regent of Xxiphu

· ruler of Xxiphu, the soaring city, that sunk into the Sea of Fallen Stars, AKA the Inner Sea

· believed to the be the only being that could unlock the Key of Stars from Bruce R. Cordell’s novel series the Abolethic Sovereignty

· AKA in aboleth culture as “he”

· Lived in Undermountain

· Appears in the Dungeon of the Mad Mage

· Matriarch of aboleth colony of Zanhorlioch

o A dwarven city conquered from the Drow located on Lake Thoroot

o Underdark, Deep Wastes

· Had white barnacles on her skin

· War of the Spider Queen, Book 4 - Extinction

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