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29 Couatls

This week we get into a spectacular creature in the Couatl (pro: KWATL) and it’s real world counterpart the Quetzalcoatl (pro: KWET-Zuh-KWATL) and as always we have the time of our lives. I think this is our first 5e celestial that we cover!

We also learn about the Mesoamerican campaign setting Maztica, that we desperately want brought back (fuck Greyhawk, am I right?) and with that comes out first ever dive into Mesoamerican and Aztec lore!

This was so much fun to learn about, from its incredibly rich history in D&D but its vast an pervasive real world entanglements was just a joy for us to learn about!

As always, thank you for supporting the show and we hope you got as much out of this one as we did.

Oh, and James is definitely going to mispronounce most of these names so don’t give him too much shit.

Reading List (All Amazon links are affiliate links)

Faiths and Pantheons – Wizards of the Coast (2008)

Maztica Campaign Setting – Wizards of the Coast (1991)

Maztica Trilogy – Douglas Nile (Ironhelm, Viperhand, Feathered Dragon)

Return of the Plumed Serpent – Graham Hancook (War Gods Series)


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