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21 Azers

Sweet, Flamin’ Dwarfs!

Check out our new Episode on the master crafters of the Elemental Plane of Fire! A rich history that made us beg for more. Azers throughout the editions have been solid creatures (pun intended) and an absolute marvel to learn about.

They are steeped in rich history thanks to everyone over at Wizards of the Coast and we're super looking forward to using them in combat one day.

In the Homebrew section we found them to be a bit of an easy target, but we discover these creatures can be beefed up with little effort!

In conclusions Azers a

re rich creatures worthy of their CR and an adventure all their own!

Reading List

Secrets of the Lamp - Wolfgang Baur (WotC)


Bosavi Wolly Rat (Largest rat, not largest rodent) - discovered in a crater in Papua New Guinea in 2009

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