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20. Nothics

This is the third episode in our quarantine suite and we really had a blast with this one! James’ audio has been mostly fixed from Cambions and the content is really amazing.

Nothics have quickly become one of James’ favourite flavour creatures with their weird insight and rotting gaze ability they’re sure to be a blast against any low level party – and if your party is no longer low level, hang on to the homebrew section where they cover ideas you can rob from 4e to really give these things some power.

This episode is worth a listen just for the lore alone but the additional insight from it’s creator, Johnathon Tweet, truly makes it a special ep.

A huge thank you to Johnathon Tweet, Rob Heinsoo, Bruce Cordell and Andrew Finch for creating this character.

Reading List: Miniatures Handbook

Other Links:

Rob Heinsoo: @RobHeinsoo

Bruce Cordell: @BruceCordell

Johnathon Tweet: @JohnathonMTweet


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