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Episode 06 - Gargoyles

06 Gargoyles

Hey there creatures! In this week’s episode we take a detailed look at Gargoyles, which can be found in the Wizards of the Coast Monster Manual on page 140 for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

As a CR 2 creature we found them unsurprisingly simple on a mechanical level, however they do have an awesome ability called False Appearance, which makes them indistinguishable from a stone statue when standing still!

Beyond that we cover their basic attacks and even an unexpected resistance (Spoiler: we don’t know much about Adamantine). Gargoyles are absolutely steeped in lore. The content we explore, both D&D and IRL, is so deep and interesting that we had an absolute blast covering and researching it.

We cap the episode in our usual way, talking about some fun homebrew ideas and maybe even adding some PC abilities (something James usually shies away from).

Join us this week, listen in and maybe you’ll find inspiration for your 5e or TTRPG gaming needs!

- James & Freeman

P.S. Check out the usual Reading List below for some extra credit! Listen Now!

Encounter This! Reading List!

Game Resources:

Monster Manual 5th Edition by Wizards of the Coast

Player's Handbook 5th Edition by Wizards of the Coast

Ruins of Zhentil Keep by Wizards of the Coast

IRL References:

Maker of Gargoyles by Clark Ashton Smith

Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber


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