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117 Grindylow


James: The Scar

Freeman: Grendel

Source: Bestiary 2, p 128

Reading List:

Pathfinder Lore


·         Blue goblin + octopus

·         Goblin top

·         Bottom is suckered wriggling tents


·         Not territorial

·         Sensible

·         Rarely build structures, but not unheard of

·         Make homes in shallow waters: lakes, rivers, coasts, reefs, etc.

·         Make lairs in mobile shelters of sargasso [mass of floating vegetation made primarily from sargassum]

·         Can also reside in abandoned ships

·         Gather into schools up to a few hundred

·         Smaller schools can be allied under a strong aquatic creature - Sea hag, etc

·         But this only lasts until a major obstacle when, they will scatter and form smaller schools

·         Will infest a hunting ground for generations if fruitful, but easily driven away by predators

·         Skilled scavengers and will eat anything they can catch


·         Loath squids (or anything that looks like a squid)

·         Some sailors paint squids on their hulls to ward them off

·         This has been known to backfire encouraging larger schools to attack

·         Or can cause smaller groups to gather and attack if it’s a consistent route

·         Hatred does not extend to other tentacled creatures

·         Octopodes are considered “…the epitome of grace and power”


Giant Grindylows

·         Most are small

·         Can keep growing throughout their lives

·         Can be larger OR larger and gain the [giant] trait


·         No image, ½ CR, bestiary 2 p. 148

·         “…large head and numerous teeth”

·         Goblin top, “…greasy octopus below.”

Mythology and Folklore

·         Grindylow or grundylow

·         Yorkshire and Lancashire counties

·         Name is THOUGHT to be connected to Grendel of Beowulf


·         Small humanoids

·         Scaly skin, greenish complexion

·         Sharp claws & teeth

·         Long thing arms with extended fingers

·         Live in pods and shallow waters waiting for children

·         Grab victims with their powerful grip and pull them under

·         Have been used to frighten children away from places where they could fall in and drown – because of course it’s better to lie to them

·         Mentioned in the same breath as Nelly Longarms, Peg Powler & Jenny Greenteeth the water hags – 07 Sea Hags (first ever suite from Jan 2nd 2020)

Pop Culture

·         Harry Potter – Lupin taught about them

·         The Scar by China Mieville features them as a hostile race (surprise), Mieville is a known D&D player and helped write Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms


·         PF blue skin vs Grindylow green skin

·         PF goblins vs IRL witches

·         Mostly the same



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