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67 Jorōgumo

This week we get into an amazingly interesting creature that isn’t in 5e, the Jorōgumo! We’re actually covering the creature and it’s stat blocks from a game called 13th Age which is by two of our favourite designers Rob Heinsoo (lead designer 4th) and Jonathon Tweet (lead designer 3rd).

Released in 2013 13th Age has been well supported over the years and is very approachable for people coming from Dungeons and Dragons. It really does seem to be a streamlined version of a fantasy D20 system and we recommend you all give it a look!

The creature we’re covering (by Patreon request) is a shape shifting spider creature rooted deeply in Japanese folklore so obviously James is going to cover it and butcher the language in the process! A fantastic episode and a great opportunity for the boys to get out of their comfort zone, we hope you enjoy!

Reading List

13th Age CRB – Pelgrane Press

13th Age Bestiary – Pelgrane Press

Asian Monsters – Legendary Games


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