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61 Orctober Part 5 - Orcs

OOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRCSSSSS We made it creatures! James and Freeman are finally getting into the orc statblocks from the Monster Manual and Volo's! They cover all of them! After the ad break though, things get a little serious and they attempt to explain why the portrayal of orcs in D&D is a little problematic.

Reading List

Volo's Guide to Monsters Monster Manual Why Orcs Are Problematic in Dungeons & Dragons - Christian Hoffer Why ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Removal Of ‘Evil Races’ Is A Golden Storytelling Opportunity - Dani di Placido ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to change ‘evil’ races due to racial stereotypes - Josh K. Elliot

Orcs Pathfinder 2e - Archives of Nethys


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