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39 Shadow Mastiffs

This week we get into the Shadow Mastiff! It's a wispy, ethereal doge from 1e-5e and some of the art is just fantastic! This ep is part 3 in James' on going dive into the Black Dog lore outside of D&D and like the others this episode is absolutely packed to the gills with awesome real world lore about semi-spectral hounds and their deeds! Spoiler: It’s mostly the UK, however this also means a lot of the lore has been preserved and links to a lot of the books can be found on our website in the show notes!

Hope you all enjoy this dark and dense ep!

Reading List

Cormyr: Tearing the Weave – WotC

The Burning Black – Mark Allard-Will

Highways and Byways in East Anglia – W.A. Dutt

Apparitions of Black Dogs – Dr. Simon Sherwood

Notes on Folk-Lore of Northern Counties of England and the Boarders – William Henderson

Black Shuck Returns – BBC article about the dog discovery in 2014

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