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30 Catoblepas

Back in Freeman’s hometown there’s a locally infamous body of water called Marsh Creek (sometimes pronounced CRIK…cuz…small town Canada) and it stinks to the high heavens. This creature may well be inspired by such environmental effluvium. Enjoy Catoblepas!

Reading List (All Amazon links are affiliate links)

The Dragon’s Bestiary – Dragon Magazine, TSR, Inc.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters – Wizards of the Coast

Mythic Odysseys of Theros – Wizards of the Coast

De Natura Animalium (or On the Nature of Animals) – Claudius Aelianus

Book of Imaginary Beings – Jorge Luis Borges

The Temptation of Saint Anthony – Gustave Flaubert


Strange Fellows Brewing, a Vancouver based brewery who’s Blackmail Stout might be single handily responsible for the formation of our show


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