We are a small, independent group producing all sorts of TTRPG content with a focus on Pathfinder Second Edition. Our aim is to produce fun and engaging content for all gamers!

​Maybe this is your first foray into PF2e, or perhaps you are a veteran, any experience level is welcome, and we would love to have you as our newest Patron!

​Follow the link below to join the Uncharted North!



Torch - Banner.png

You are the backbone of any expedition!

It is thanks to your diligence and bold spirit that we can start to see the potential of this great, new endeavor! No contribution is too small!

In this tier you will get access to patron-exclusive discord channels, meaning you will have a more direct line to any of the cast and crew (and other patrons!) at any time, day or night!


$1 USD or $1 CAD per month.

Calipers - Banner.png

Help us chart the way!

For a few dollars a month you can help us chart the uncharted and turn this small endeavor into a truly grand adventure.

Our current course you ask? Well, keeping the lights on to find our way forward into making more great content for you!

Currently this tier includes discord benefits and an Uncharted North button pin! In the future we hope bring our show to a weekly release, and one day this tier will include patreon exclusive shows! 


$5 USD or $6 CAD per month.

Spyglass - Banner.png

Difficult Terrain does not hamper your movement anymore than it cramps your style! And the rhythm of your hot foot paves the way down any trail!

Like the Cartographers, you know there are bold and beautiful terrains to wander, and with this contribution we grow ever closer to producing the plethora of content we dream to to make.

This tier currently offers exclusive discord benefits, an Uncharted North button pin, and discount code for our merch store!

In addition, your support brings us closer to the release of patreon-exclusive content!


$10 USD or $12 CAD per month.

Lantern - Banner.png

As a Prospector you know the value of your dollar and have seen the value in our efforts!

At this tier we offer a most interesting prospect: help us create a flavourful NPC for the players to interact with!
You will have the opportunity to personally work with a UN Gamemaster of a given game to sort out a name, description, personality, role, and even voice/accent of an NPC.

In addition this tier offers the same incentives as lower tiers: patreon-exclusive access to select discord channels, an Uncharted North button pin, and a discount code for our merch store!

(Final details of NPCs are subject to Uncharted North's discretion, and the number of NPCs available is limited on a first come, first serve basis. As we grow and find ourselves able to produce more content this limitation will lift and be expanded as needed so that we can involve more of our wonderful patrons in our creative process!)

$15 USD or $18 CAD per month.


Sextant - Banner.png

Coming soon...


Astrolabe - Banner.png

Coming soon...